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Club Karaoke and DJ Services serves the Northeast Ohio area for Weddings, Corporate Events, Reunions, Home Parties, Graduations, Birthdays, Fundraisers, Local Clubs and Lodges, Car Shows, Anniversaries, or Just-For-Fun Parties!

Chad will work directly with you from the beginning to find out what your hopes are for your event. Because of that, your stress levels will be reduced and you will have peace of mind knowing that your DJ is prepared to manage your event the way you want it done. When the event begins you will be even more thankful you booked him because he is more than just a DJ standing in the corner playing music! He is an Event Manager who will keep the event on schedule and on track!

Our equipment includes 1200 watts of power in laptops, microphones, audio mixer,
and speakers. Chad will arrive between 1 and 2 hours early to set up. You will never have to look at your watch wondering where he is.  He always carries back up equipment in case of mechanical failure.

Chad is fun and reliable and interacts well with other people. This quality is very important because most events serves some sort of alcohol and knowing how to treat people with respect, kindness, and understanding (even when they're a little tipsy) is essential to a successful event.  Chad is the boy-next-door type with the focus on fun and knowing what to play and the right time to play it.

Karaoke is ALWAYS available for those wishing this service at no additional charge,

Click on our “Resources” tab on our menu to find the right form to start the planning process TODAY! 

Let the fun and games begin with music and tunes!!




Club Karaoke & DJ Services for your Entertainment Fun!

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